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Czech Republic is one of the most interesting hunting countries in Europe. Especially for us German hunters. The advantages are obvious: comfortable arrival, no customs and immigration formalities, well-trained hunting staff and above all, game-rich hunting areas.


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The Czech Republic has a total area of 78,866 km² and about 11 million inhabitants. The country is a landlocked country in Central Europe and is adjacent to Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. The most important city is the capital Prague in the center of the country.


It consists of the historical countries Bohemia and Moravia, as well as parts of Silesia.

At the southwest border of the Czech Republic lies the Šumava, in the northwest the Ore Mountains and in the north the Sudetes, which reach in the Giant Mountains with the Schneekoppe 1602 meters. Southeast of the Erzgebirge spreads on both sides of the Elbe, the Bohemian Uplands.


Czech Republik

Mouflon ram

Czech Republic


Czech Republic

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